5 Best easy to build Minecraft Houses in (2022)

No player can skip over the part of constructing the house. A house is essential for providing shelter and assisting in giving a safe place to players. Minecraft houses can be of various types, ranging from simple to complex, traditional to modern, and basic to advance.

How to build an easy house in Minecraft? It is the question that remains pertinent in mind of every player. If a house is easy to build then who won’t choose it. We all know building a house in Minecraft is not at all an easy task. It’s strenuous and brainstorming, and takes a lot of effort from the player.

Easy to build houses are always popular among players, especially among beginners. The beginners lack the experience and expertise, and more importantly the funds to build the houses. Even the veteran players sometimes lack the time and resources to build giant houses.

Sometimes both the veteran and beginners lack the interest to build complex houses. The comfort and lethargy might take over the player, then the easy and simple build Minecraft houses come to the rescue.   

But another question that arises is how to build an easy house in Minecraft. To build an easy Minecraft house, simple construction materials such as wood and sandstone are used. Further, the easy Minecraft houses are single storey. 

List of the House that Requires no Effort

Here is the list of some easy-to-build and best house in Minecraft.

1. Starter Survival house 

First on the list is the Starter Survival House. It is a simple survival house built by the Minecraft YouTuber “Rizzal”. It’s not a very flashy survival house, but perfect for those who have just started their journey in Survival World. 

It is one of the simplest minecraft house build while playing Minecraft. It is very classy despite being very cheap to construct.

This survival house has rooms for various purposes such as smelting, storage, sleeping, and a balcony. The construction of the house requires mostly cobblestone and wood. These items are cheap and available even to the new bees.

It is easy to build a Minecraft house and comes perfect to the list.

2. Easy Wooden House

The easy wooden house is built by the YouTuber “TSMC”. Easy Wooden house is made up of only glass and wood, therefore, its building cost is very cheap. It is a great choice for players who are looking out for building something small and compact. 

Despite being very small, it is well equipped with all the essential commodities. It has the perfect place to sleep, and store articles and it includes a small outdoor farm.

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3. Small Modern House

Here comes another design from YouTuber “Rizzal”. It is simple yet modern, a perfect architecture for those who want things easy yet modern. Perfect lookout for the fans of modern architecture, who want things simple but stylish.

The construction material required by the players is quartz, stained clay, stained glass, and wood. Since building such kind of house requires a wide range of ingredients thus making a little expensive, as compared to those on the list.

4. Easy Suburban House

It is a replica of the modern suburban house and is a perfect easy house to build in Minecraft city.  The construction material used in the exterior of the house is quartz. The roof is made up of two types of wood that gives a beautiful contrasting effect.

Although it is small and compact, it is very spacious. It is a double-story house that provides the player the ample space. Pretty easy-to-build house that suits the need of any player.

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5. Easy Survival House

Here is another Minecraft house by YouTuber “Rizzal”. Though it is the last but certainly not the least. It boasts all the amenities that any player would require in survival mode.

Easy Survival house has a compact design that is perfect for the one with limited space and resources. The construction of an easy survival house is cheap and requires cobblestone, wood, and glass. 


Some of these might fit into your idea of how to build an easy house in minecraft. You may take ideas from the above list to build your easy Minecraft survival house.

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