5 Best Minecraft survival houses in 2022

The most common model to experience Minecraft games is the survival mode. The fun part of the game is dealing with the hunger, health, and death that might occur due to certain explosions. Different biomes in the Minecraft games can be harsh to survive in.

Therefore, it’s always the requirement of the player to build a sturdy survival home. It may not be the essential mission of the player but is certainly the need. Thus, it’s important to build the best Minecraft survival house.

Minecraft is the game of the wanderers who explore different biomes. But survival homes are required. It is essential to build the best house in Minecraft, store plenty of goods, and test the building skills of the player.

What should be the look of the house?

While building the survival homes players can be very creative. Over the years players have built different types of houses that suit their needs and taste in dream houses. The variety of the houses ranges from lavish and extravagant houses to tiny and gloomy secret bases.

The survival houses in Minecraft have a wide range of variety to draw inspiration from and build the best small survival house in Minecraft. You can even make it big, with no restrictions as such.

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How to make the best survival houses in Minecraft?

Follow the simple steps to build the best Minecraft survival house.

1.     Dig out an area measuring 4 by 12.

2.     In the middle of any side dig another area of 4 by 6.

3.     Dig deeper into the above areas and fill the bottom layer with a wooden plank.

4.     At each corner put the logs that are of the height of the ground.

5.     Now fill the edges with the wooden planks.

6.     Put the logs on the corners similar to the previous logs and attach the logs with fences.

7.     Increase the height of the blocks with the three blocks.

8.     Using the fence create the floor and add the wooden planks on top of the fences.

9.     Now on either side of the logs put the wooden planks of the same height.

10.  Put the beams and create the windows, and fill them with the glass. Using the wooden planks to create the next floor

11.   At the top edge put the upside-down stair rim.

12.  Similarly, create another floor and then the ceiling of the roof

13.  Now create a roof for a 4 by 12 area.

14.  Finish. And go inside the little home.

List of 5 best Survival houses Minecraft

Now we know how to make the best survival house in Minecraft, let’s see the best Minecraft houses. Some of these may fit into your idea of the perfect survival house in Minecraft or you can take ideas from the list of the best house to build in Minecraft.

Now without any further ado, let’s check out the best Survival house in Minecraft.

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1.     Aesthetic Survival House

Aesthetic survival house is created by Zaypixel. The design of the house is beautiful and the build of the house is strong. The house consists of two floors, one for sleeping, and the other one for storage and making potions.

Every aspect of the home is decorated in a calming manner. The campfire and fences form the ideal confinement for pets. It is constructed by a wooden canopy on one side of the home.

2.     Large Wooden Survival House

Next comes the Large Wooden Survival House. It is the house for those having a higher budget. Its complete building tutorial is available on YouTube by “RainBowGamerPE.” Its construction will require tons of wood. It comes with plenty of space as it is large. It has a giant space for storage and bedrooms for guests. The best part is the two separate built in-farms where wheat and potato can be grown. 

3.     Modern Survival House

It is a modern and sleek house, a house of the new age. It is a perfect house that is used in Minecraft city. Its construction material is mostly glass, making it a cheap house to construct. It has the stylish and most flashy aesthetics.

4.     Smallest Survival House

It is built by the You Tuber “B4Builders”. This is a type of survival house that does not suit all the players. But it is a notable option for a few and thus, makes its way into the list. This could probably be the best small survival house minecraft

This survival house as the name suggests is very small and compact, which might have its importance in some special scenarios. Being small doesn’t make it less stylish. Moreover, it has enough storage space, crafting tables, and furnaces.

5.     Ultimate Survival House

It is the best survival house option available. Its blueprint is built by the YouTuber “Folli”. It is quite expensive and difficult to construct by any means. The house includes all the luxuries that could ever be fanaticized even by the most veteran players.


Some of these might fit into your idea of the best house to build in Minecraft. You may take ideas from the above list to build your best Minecraft survival house.

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