6 Ways To Start Game Blogging In 2022 To Make Money

Sub-Title: Share your love for video games by creating a video game blog and connecting to a large audience throughout the world.

In the last few years, the gaming industry has become very popular. In 2020 the expected revenue of the gaming industry is more than $90 billion. There is at least one gamer in American households, it is pretty clear that now is a great time to write a gaming blog.

For some people, a gaming blog means a career and for some people, it can be their interest or passion for their gaming blog. From statistics, it is very clear that by creating a gaming blog you’ll be able to connect to a large audience throughout the world.

Share your love for video games through your blog with others and make a community of like-minded people who also have a great passion for gaming. By creating a blog you can also make a good amount of money. 

To start a video game blog in 2022 here are the following steps that you should know before creating a blog.

For your quick reference here are some tips and tricks to start game blogging in 2022.

  • Create rich quality content.
  • Connect with your target audience.
  • Content must be user-friendly.
  • Should not contain unnecessary information.
  • Use appropriate keywords, and apply them wherever required in the content instead of stuffing it.
  • Write an interesting Title and Introduction.
  • You must be updated in advance regarding the upcoming games and any other information related to the game.

Know in detail how to create a video game blog in 2022.

1. Decide your focus

First, decide the topic of your blog and you should know what is the main purpose of the blog. You should have a specific direction for your gaming blog.

 Be clear about your goal, and spend your valuable time deciding on the specific niche or the type of content to produce. As it is the most important first step, you should take your time to think thoroughly.

Clear focus prevents you from experiencing overloaded information. Due to that beginners give up on their blog before the results start showing because they can’t keep the level of information available to work with.

2. Select your Blogging Platform

The second step is to post your video game blog online. For this select the blogging platform and web hosting plan that you’ll use to get your blog online.

Most bloggers recommend WordPress in combination with hosting. Let me explain what I mean.WordPress is a popular publishing platform that offers a great alternative to free blogging websites. 

Using WordPress for your video game blog, you can get one-click installation, User Interface, and quick updates that are easier for beginners to handle without a huge learning curve. Here are the advantages of using premium WordPress.

Advantages of Self-Hosted WordPress over Free Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress is easy to use, reliable and stable.
  • Flexible platform and offers fantastic customization features.
  • In WordPress, you’ll get many SEO tools to get a bigger advantage.
  • Excellent technical support and a massive community of developers
  • All you need is your domain and hosting, using WordPress is free.

Why should you go for  WordPress?

  • Thirty-five percent of websites on the internet use WordPress.
  • Twenty-two of newly registered domain names uses the WordPress self-hosted platform.
  • For the last 8 years, WordPress has been the fastest self-hosted platform.
  • WordPress offers more than  3500 themes and more than 50,000 plugins.

3. Choose your video game blog niche.

You can create blogs for different gaming niches. But instead of focusing on too many things, concentrate on one particular thing. Below I have listed some video game blog niches so that you select a category of your choice.

Gameplay Walkthrough

You can start with the gameplay as it is one of the easiest topics to write about. All you have to do is play the game and create content of the highest quality and unique content. 

However, there is a lot of content available, but if you can bring unique content and rich quality content, you can stand out in the field of gameplay walkthroughs.

Game Guide

Game Guide is also a good option for creating content in the video game blog niche. But if you write content for a game guide then you should have complete information about a particular game.

Game News

Nowadays there is plenty of gaming news for creating content. Choose a category or genre for writing gaming news. But to write content in this niche you must have a deeper knowledge of the topic that you want to focus on.

Game Review

For beginners writing a game, the review can be difficult but once you are familiar with how to write a game review it‘ll be an interesting task for you. Connect with your target audience that is your main goal.

Gaming Hardware

Content creation for gaming hardware is also a great choice for those who have excellent knowledge in the technical field.

Esports Awards and Events

You can connect to a larger audience by creating content for  Esports Awards and Events. For beginners, it could be a kick to begin content writing. It is quite easy to write for Esports Awards and Events.

4. Design your blog when starting

Nowadays designing is also one of the important features of the blog layout. Before reading people judge the quality of your blog by looking at the design of your blog.

Along with that it also builds trust. It indicates that you care enough about your blog to make it look nice.

Researchers found in study users judge the quality of blogs in a few seconds. Plus it will extend that judgment to all aspects of your blog.

5. Decide the name of your domain

A Domain name is simply the name of your blog or website. Users can access your blog by using the domain name. Though you can have a different domain name different from your blog name I recommend that you use your blog name as your domain name to avoid confusing your visitors.

6. Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting

The last and final step is all you need to register your domain name and get blog hosting.

Hosting is the space on the network where your video game blog is going to live.

After deciding on a name for your video game blog, you need to register your domain name and get blog hosting. Blog hosting providers are companies that offer services to keep your blog files on their servers and make sure that your website is always available for your target audience to find online. 

Here I would like to recommend Bluehost for beginner hosting due to its reliability and offer an affordable price. Plus they have the best customer support in the gaming industry.

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