Everything About Adam Hunter Streets of Rage 4

Featuring as a non-playable character in Streets of Rage 2 and a playable character in Streets of Rage 4, Adam Hunter is widely adored by the public.

Adam Hunter streets of rage 4, a young African-American male with short dark hair, is a former policeman who left the Wook Oak City Police Department along with his friends, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. He is also the older brother of Eddie Skate Hunter. His wardrobe contains a yellow T-shirt or a yellow tank top with shoulder pads, paired with black pants.

He wears motorcycle boots and fingerless black gloves. In SoR4, his closet is updated so he gets a pair of green glasses, an evenly styled hairstyle as well as a new muscle shirt. The shirt has its sleeves rolled up to his biceps and a V-neck that shows off his well-built collar bones.

His suspenders and boots give the whole look a final touch. Adam’s height is 187 cm while his weight is 79.5 kg, Adam sports a perfectly structured body. In Streets of Rage 4, Adam Hunter can be acquired simply by completing stage 4 in any difficulty level.

 Adam’s Story:

  • In Streets of Rage (1991), Adam was introduced as a cop who leaves his policeman’s job (with Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding) to take down the Syndicate mob and its leader, Mr. X.
  • In Streets of Rage 2, Adam is kidnapped so that he can be used as bait to reach Axel, Blaze, and his younger brother Eddie Skate Hunter. Axel (and others) manage to get him out of Shiva’s grip who is the chief bodyguard of Mr. X.
  • In Streets of Rage 3, Adam comes as a non-playable character. He does, however, hold the directions to the location of the final stage. He also helps in locating/de bombing the bombs.
  • The Streets of Rage 4 stars Adam as a Special Forces Agent. His plans of retiring to take care of his daughter Cherry Hunter were shattered when he was assigned in a task force to the newly resurrected Syndicate. He also arrests Mr. Y and Mrs. Y.


In the original Streets of Rage, Adam is described as a powerhouse. He might be considered slow but he is strong, probably the strongest out of all three playable characters in season 1. His stamina jumps, and endurances are commendable.

He doesn’t have any “special moves” yet his agility causes major damage. In SoR4, Adam is the most balanced character. He has a reasonably good range, great mobility, and the newest techniques.

Adam’s moves are more calculative and technical. He is so quick that he can hop his way to his opponents to knock them down. His moves are often connected to a wolf or a green crystal-aura sword.

Streets of rage 4: Adam's Story, Gameplay

Adam’s unique moves:

  • Roundhouse kick: Adam can perform this attack after a high uppercut. This move will stagger the opponents and send them across the screen.
  • Uppercut: Adam can pull an uppercut of any range, from slight char to fully rising in the air.
  • Howl Fang: This is a modified version of roundhouse kick. If it is performed on the ground, it includes two hits and one wall bounce but if it happens in the air, it only includes one hit.
  • Sword Strike: Adam can get control over a green crystal-aura sword by punching the ground.
  • Chopper: A whirlwind kick that is used widely in combos. 

Form of Fighting:

Adam is more of a kickboxer. Adam uses a lot of kicks which associate more with kickboxing than classic boxing. His technique is precise with a wide range.

His raw attack power even in the simplest combos is destructive. He uses uppercuts to confuse his opponents, roundhouse kicks for wall bouncing, and neutral kicks for one on one fights.

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Moves and Ability:

  • Normal Attack: Adam takes a step forward and attacks by using a punch.
  • MAX skill: Hunter uses a devastating COMBO KICK that sends the enemy into an overdrive.
  • Star skill: Adam’s PIPE SMASH is a fan favorite. He pulls up a pipe and smashes it to lay down the law.
  • Passive: Adam’s bruising punches and kicks knock the breath out of the opponent.

Adam Hunter also features SEGA heroes. He is a yellow hero designed quite similarly to his character in the Streets of Rage series. He gets his special moves revolving around knives and long weapons mostly.


Adam Hunter doesn’t have much character value. He is a playable character, a very strong one too yet he lacks character depth. Players might not feel too connected to him for the very same reason.

Nonetheless, he’s a great character from a fighting perspective which makes him very useful and valuable.

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