Who is Axel Stone Streets of Rage 4?

Blaze Fielding, an attractive young female with a Caucasian body structure, has blue eyes and long brown hair.

Axel Stone, one of the leading characters of Streets of Rage series, is a caucasian male with blonde hair and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a classic white shirt with blue jeans – simple yet sexy. Also, his long blonde bangs are pushed back with a blue headband while his wrists sport red fingerless gloves.

His outfit has changed slightly over the seasons but the color scheme and the basic style statement remain the same. However, an exception was made in SoR3 where he wore a yellow shirt and black jeans.

In Streets of Rage 4, Axel’s outfit also includes a denim jacket/formal shirt tied around his waist. He has a beard showing the sign of maturity and older age. Axel’s psyche matured along with his age.

His build has bulked up, with broader shoulders and a wider waist. His height is 183 cm with a 75 kg weight.

Axel’s Place in The Story:-

  • Axel was introduced in the story for the first time in 1991 (in Streets of Rage) as one of the 3 policemen. Axel (with Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding) quit his job to find as well as defeat the cartel leader called Mr. X.
  • In Streets of Rage 2, after a year of taking down Mr. X, Adam was kidnapped while Mr. X returned. Axel, (with Blaze, Max Thunder, and Skate) go on a mission to free Adam by hunting down Mr. X again.
  • In “Bare-knuckle 3” Axel rejoined the police force. Along with Dr. Zan and Blaze, he worked to find hidden bombs, to dispose of them, placed by a new mob group known as neo-Chaos. In the US version of Streets of Rage 3, Axel assists Blaze, Skate, and Dr. Zan to take down Syndicate.
  • In Streets of Rage 4 characters, Axel was shown to retire from the police force so he could live a life out of the city in isolation, spending his time studying, training, or keeping up a low profile. But he returns to the city when he’s called by Blaze to defeat them yet again resurrected Syndicate. Axel Stone is one of the best characters from the streets of rage 4 characters.

The Gameplay of Axel Stone:

Axel is the most commonly owned character. He is easier to play with. Multi-hit Blitz attack paired with damaging Special Attacks, Axel has got it all.

Blitz attacks:

  • Grand Upper: A move in which Axel grinds his fist through the ground and raises it with a powerful uppercut causing significant damage.
  • Tiger knee: Exclusively available in SoR4 and SoR2, this attack involves Axel having to take a short leap to his offender in the knee (one at a time).
  • Scissors kicks: This unlockable Blitz attack includes a jumping kick followed by crossing his legs in the air and banging the opponent down to the ground.
  • Dragon roll: This super-fast attack involves a rolling attack enveloped by flames. It can be used repeatedly for attack or to confuse the opponents.

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Defensive Special Attacks:

  • Dragon wings: Covering a large radius, this defense mechanism allows Axel to knock down his surrounding nemesis by swinging his fist in a circular direction.
  • Tornado kick: This is a hurricane kick exclusively found in Streets of Rage 2 and unlockable in Street of Rage 4.
  • Spinning Body Bow: A repetitive spinning punch striking the enemy followed by one last knock-out hit is what forms a Spinning Body Bow.
Streets of Rage 4 Axel Move List

Offensive Special attacks:

Axel’s variety of offensive special attacks includes Dragon smash (fast punches followed by an uppercut); Dragon Dash Bow (fast low punch); Dragon punch (a forward rising punch that pushes the enemy away) and Dragon Bite (a punch that calls a fire dragon).

Air Special attacks:

The attacks like Dragon Dive (jumping in the air with a rolling attack to finish with a damaging punch that summons fire dragons) and Dragon Crush (air punch that knocks out enemies in a jiffy) are Axel’s major specialties.

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Star Moves:

Axel’s star moves can give you extra points for unlocking new retro characters. Some of his well-known Star Moves are Grand Dragon Wing, Spinning Dragon Upper, Spinning Body Smash, Dragon Burst, Ultimate Dragon Wing Spirit Blade.

Fighting Form:

Axel’s fighting style is mostly martial arts. He mixes boxing, karate, and kickboxing to create his very own unique fighting style. To make his attacks more visually pleasing, flames are used. These flames do not cause any burns yet spice up Axel’s fighting style.


Axel is an uncomplicated character with average speed or power. He is an all-rounder who has a very good graph when it comes to character evolution. From having basic martial arts skills in Streets of Rage to developing a strong Blitz attack, Axel has come a long way.

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