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 Best Weapons: Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, there are several methods to kill zombies and Renegades equally. Players, on the other hand, want to know where to discover the best weapons Dying Light 2, and whether they fit with their build. Weapons of every variety, tier, and damage output may be found in Villedor, but they all shatter eventually.

Finally, in Dying Light 2, weapons remain with the player forever. In Dying Light 2, there are great weapons that you might have missed out on.

Let’s speak about Aiden’s overall rank before we start naming off artifact-tier axes and cleavers. Even while Dying Light 2 is not a looter-shooter, its gameplay concepts are quite similar. To begin, looters and shooters know that better pieces of gear will always be there.

Don’t get too attached to an early-game weapon or piece of armor since you’ll come across dying light best weapon. A level three walking staff that breaks in half after being upgraded is a waste of resources in Dying Light 2.

Some of the types of equipment and weapons are ranked on a level playing field listed below:

1.     It is a piece of art (gold)

2.     In a class by itself (purple)

3.     For the most part (blue)

4.     It’s not every day that (green)

5.     The most common color (grey or white)

No matter how much damage a lower-level artifact weapon may dish out, there will eventually come a point when you’ll be better off selling it for gold than holding on to it. There are levels for weapons as well, which define the number of perks and upgrade slots a weapon may have. As a general rule, artifact weapons have three passive benefits, whereas rare weapons have just one.

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Weapon Enhancements

When it comes to weapon enhancements, there is little uniformity in the marketplace. It is possible to upgrade all four slots on certain artifact weapons, but not on others (tip, shaft, grip, and charm). It’s impossible to upgrade rare and low-quality weapons at the same time.

Any weapons that aren’t within two levels of Aiden’s current level should be sold. If you’re level six, for example, sell any weapons you have that are lower than level three. Based on your armor, choose weapons that complement each other.

The finest weapons in Dying Light 2 are only as good as their compatibility with the player’s armor set. Aiden’s damage output is boosted by several armor sets, as well as by passive abilities such as:

1.     Tanks boost the damage of two-handed weapons.

2.     Damage from one-handed weapons is increased by brawlers.

3.     The damage that ranged weapons can do is increased when you have a ranger.

4.     Medics boost parkour attacks’ damage output.

Wearing a suitemate suit is the best way to obtain the full benefit of the armor; either all Brawler or all Tank for maximum one-handed damage. Make sure you don’t mix and match your outfits. Once you’ve decided on an armor route, it becomes much simpler to build up your weaponry.

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Dying light 2 legendary weapons locations

Let us dive into the locations of some legendary dying light weapons so that you easily access them

1.     Houndfield

A GRE trailer may be seen at Houndfield. To locate a vast mass burial surrounded by GRE fencing, go north of the ‘Birch’ Windmill. The sealed trailer may be found in this location. A second GRE trailer may be seen immediately above the name of Houndfield on the map, north of Metro: Hayward Square.

2.     Horsehoe

Nearby the GRE quarantined structure, a GRE trailer may be discovered southeast of Horseshoe’s bakery community.

3.     Trinity

There is a GRE trailer located just close to the windmill. A Goon and numerous GRE trailers may be seen in a clearing to the south of the windmill. An Artifact Weapon may be found in the trailer to the left.

Another GRE trailer may be located in the east direction to the Larch Windmill in Trinity, next to a close Military Convoy activity, beside another GRE trailer. The GRE trailer may be found behind the convoy. There are a lot of afflicted people in the vicinity, including a goon.

GRE Anomaly C-A-05 is located close south of a 3rd GRE trailer on the Trinity–Horseshoe boundary.

To the northeast of Trinity’s Center, Trinity’s fourth GRE trailer may be located South of the Nightrunner Hideout, it sits on the Trinity-Houndfield boundary.


There are plenty of weapons in dying light 2, to doodle, but the list puts together the best weapon in dying light 2. The list also consists of the locations of the legendary weapons to ease the quest of finding the weapons.

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