The Best Zombie Survival Games On PC 2022

Looking for best zombie games pc? Your search ends here!

Are you a zombie games fan and you are looking for the best zombie survival pc games version? Your search for zombie games pc ends here as we have collected the best games for you to live and experience the outstanding zombie games.

Zombie games range from Survival gaming to Lovecraftian co-op period gaming and if you like it, you can even take a tour towards tower defense and post-apocalyptic parkour.

This list of zombie games has everything that a zombie game fan would want to have in his recommendation list. Whatever your taste is in the genre of gaming, this blog covers the best zombie survival games on pc for you to play on your pc which is listed below.

1. Resident Evil

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

When it comes to zombie gaming, none can top resident evil in that department. If you have played resident evil 7 in VR mode, they have scared you to hell as the visuals are terrific and if you have played resident evil 4, then you might have seen yourself repeatedly returning to this action-packed classic game.

Without much hassle and without unnecessary sequels to the original game, resident evil is undoubtedly the best zombie survival games pc. You are trapped in the famous Spencer Mansion as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine.

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Deadly zombies, horrific mutants lie in every single corner of resident evil’s Spencer mansion which is often blackout by gripping environmental puzzles. Fixed camera angles exemplify the senses of the players while your limited amount of inventory stock makes you feel defenseless.

If that doesn’t scare you, you can always jump on to the 2015’s remastered version which is a lot of scary. This remake involved a new environment, scenes, and a darker aura to the Resident Evil gaming franchise to make it scarier and that is what makes it top the list and makes it the best zombie pc games version to play. This is a very thrilling game with horror graphics, So resident evil must be on the list of best zombie survival games on pc.

2. Call Of Duty Black Ops- Cold War

Call Of Duty Black Ops- Cold War
Call Of Duty Black Ops- Cold War

To be honest, I could have selected any of the call of duty games as their zombie hordes mode is the best. However, Call Of Duty Black Ops has a brilliant zombie mode and the main reason that I have gone for cold war is: it has a grand entry point for those who haven’t played the zombie mode until now!

This is an outstanding zombie games pc as it has a unique storyline, exciting tutorials, Easter eggs, and also the original design is easier for classic survival mode. Therefore, it is one of the best zombie pc games and in the second position in this blog.

3. Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror
Zombie Night Terror

In zombie fiction, not all zombies are mindless. In this night terror, you are a hive mind, commanding the pandemic from your keyboard. The Developer of NoClip said: “If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, then BE an apocalypse.”

Zombie Night Terror is a zombie game that puzzles you on the gaming platform. You are given a sidelong view of black and white action and are provided with ways to control it, guiding your nonthinking charger over booby traps.

Human beings will pick up on you with buzzsaws, shotguns, and even snow trucks but you can cushion the leaderboard ranking with petty would-be survivors. This bleached game is an amazing zombie games pc that you can enjoy anytime you play!

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4. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid says “This is how you died” as you walk cautiously into the massacred American countryside for the very first time. This will not end on a happy ending note. But you can do the impossible for a limited amount of time searching out for isolated shelter where you can scavenge, look out for food resources, and can fetch out your first aid kit.

The entire world is open and minimalist in design but has an open tab to the Zomboid map which you can save. Once you are settled in your domestic base, the game becomes all about smashing and grabbing, picking up loot against the chance of encountering zombies.

Zomboid’s concept is all about avoiding zombies, managing yourself and your items, and has a slow-burn strategy. Project Zomboid is a brilliant strategy slow burn game that dwells in your mind if you have patience. That’s why it is one of the best zombie survival games on pc.

5. World War Z

World War Z
World War Z

Just like Left4Dead and its successor Back 4 Blood, this game has very little to offer other than its own formula, but it’s still fun to play when you are playing this game in gauntlet-style with a campaign mission with your friends.

This game is a sure-shot hit having sold over 2 million copies through Epic Games Store since its launch.

6. Organ Trail

Organ Trail
Organ Trail

Organ Trail sets you up with tasks: You will guide a wagon of survivors on a journey to the west and like all zombie games, your major concern is keeping a stock of good food, medicine kit, and ammunition.

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The game shines with random encounters that will continue to haunt you throughout the game ranging from boss fights to gangs of raiders. In this game, you are on the back foot trying to manage your party’s continuous descent into illness ending it on each horrific encounter but every fight you survive feels like a reward and it’s that same feeling which pushes your wagon one step ahead into the game.


There you have it all, the best zombie survival games on pc. Whether you want to rebuild a society against the zombie wave with your group of survivors these are the ultimate zombie games pc to play and your search ends right here! I hope you find a list of the best Zombie Survival games on PC, so enjoy it by choosing any one of them.

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