A Character Sketch: Blaze Fielding Streets of Rage 4

Blaze Fielding, an attractive young female with a Caucasian body structure, has blue eyes and long brown hair.

Available as a playable character in every season of SoR, Blaze’s clothing style remains almost the same in all seasons, except for a few small changes. In SoR, she sports a red headband, red jacket with a skirt, and black fingerless gloves. In SoR 2, the jacket and gloves are replaced with a red top, stockings, and gold bangles.

The SoR 3 brings back her gloves and long red boots. The SoR 4 combines her best clothing pieces in one single outfit – golden hoops, a black leather jacket, a red tank top, black gloves, a red skirt with a black belt, and red boots. Her body frame is 167cm high and her 53 kg weight provides her the agility to move quickly.

Blaze is known as a “female brawler” since she is determined to bring justice by taking down Syndicate even if that puts her own life in danger. The ruthless Blaze refuses to stand perverts and brutally beats up her opponents with her fists. Blaze is an unapologetically proud person who doesn’t admit defeat easily.

Blaze Fielding in The Story:

  • The blaze was introduced in SoR in 1991 where she leaves her police job (along with Axel Stone and Adam Hunter) to hunt down Mr. X (leader of a mob called Syndicate).
  • Blaze works as a dance teacher in SoR 2 when she found out Adam has been kidnapped. She teams up with Skate, Max Thunder, and Axel Stone to reach the hidden headquarters of Syndicate to defeat Mr. X and save Adam.
  • In Bare Knuckles III, Blaze and Axel have rejoined their old jobs to work on two interrelated leading cases that can cause a war between the Lima nations.
  • SoR3 stars Blaze as a private detective. When Dr. Zan informs her about the next most likely attack by the Syndicate, she plans to fight again with her friend, Axel Stone.
  • In SoR4, Blaze is shown expelled from the police as she refuses to take an anger management class. She worked as a dance teacher yet kept a check on Syndicate’s game plan. So when she found suspicious activity, she was quick to gather a team and fight it.

Blaze’s Gameplay:

Blaze is a judo expert. Her small yet powerful frame allows her to deliver deadly jump attacks, powerful slams, throwing punches, and make most of her speed.

Blitz Attack:

Blaze’s Blitz attack makes her an all-rounder with the strongest throw attacks in the game.

  • Hishousouzan: Blaze leaps in the air to deliver an energy attack that cuts like a blade.
  • Elbow strike: A quick dash with the elbow to knock the opponent out.
  • Chou Reppa Dan: A move in which she rolls on the ground followed by a jumping kick attack.
  • Tekken: A move in which she channels her energy on her fist and punches the opponent multiple times.

Defensive Special Attacks:

The blaze has a very good range of Defensive Special attacks like Embukyaku (cartwheel to knock the enemy down), Spinning Dive (includes a jump followed by an Hishousouzan), Energy Burst, and Uraken unchi (forward and backward punches with her energized fists). These defense tactics make her almost unbeatable.

Offensive Special Attacks:

Blaze can project a powerful short range of energy that gets stronger with each hit, does an aerial version of Embukyaku, and performs an uppercut attack by using an energy blade. Most of her offensive special attacks are exclusive to specific seasons. Air attacks performed by Blaze are outstanding.

Her Tobi Kyaku and Shin Hishousouzan are some of her most well-executed moves.

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Star Moves:

Star moves can get you bonus points if they are executed correctly in time. Tumbling, Ring of Fire, Slice and dice, Tamashi age, Shin Kikou Shou, and Razor Sliding are Blaze’s star moves. These moves are made up of back-to-back kicks or punches or a mix of both. Blaze’s combos are the hardest to perform.

Fighting Form:

Blaze’s fighting style is a mix of judo paired with heavy gymnastics, complemented by high jump attacks. Blaze does a reasonable amount of damage with her powerful kicks, knee attacks, uppercuts, or punches. She uses Blue energy as well as chops to attack her nemesis.

Blaze fielding streets of rage 4 is often shown fighting men twice her size with utmost ease. She is also capable of suplexing or throwing heavier enemies.


In the first SoR, Blaze was portrayed as a stereotypical female character (weaker than her male counterparts). However, it changed in the upcoming seasons. Her stats were made better as her new moves are highly efficient and unique.

Hence, she stands just as strong as everyone else in the game.

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