How to Change Minecraft Skins on PE 2022?

Minecraft allows you to change your skin with no limitations at all!

With Minecraft, you can personalize your world, your surroundings, and your characters with incredibly minor to no restrictions whatsoever. For customizing your character, you can continue to read this blog and change your skin easily.

How to change my skin on Minecraft Pe is very easy. The default skin in Minecraft may come across as monotonous and ordinary to some players. To match up with Minecraft’s customizable standards, an online warehouse of user-created skins was released. The official marketplace acts as an integral source of supplementary customization options. 

Steps on How to change Minecraft Skins on PE?

The very first step is to determine if you want to use a default skin or a customized one. You can get the default skin from inside the game whereas the user-created skin alternatives will need you to look up some Minecraft websites. “MinecraftSkins” and “NameMC” are the two widely used websites.

The second step includes downloading the skin. After deciding on a reliable website, players will have to download the skin on their device by:

  1. Close Minecraft followed by opening the skin website in your default browser.
  2. Choose your favorite skin.
  3. Click the “purchase” or “download” button. Make sure to read all website policies and offers.
  4. Save the image when it shows up.

Minecraft Skin Changing on a PC:

To transform skins on the desktop, players need their account and the official Minecraft website. Noe let’s breakdown the steps on how to change Minecraft skins on PE (PC version):

  1. Open the “” website and log in to your account by using the “Login” option.
  2. Click the “Skin” tab or the Skin selection section through the link.
  3. Choose “Browse” or “Select a file” to choose from the skins you’ve purchased or unlocked.
  4. Select the image file you downloaded from the file explorer.
  5. Click the “Upload” option. The process for changing ends here. Your character will, now, have the skin you selected.

Minecraft mobile players have comparatively isolated features than Bedrock and Java when it comes to changing skins. Nonetheless, the players can still have their recreational moments with the skin options. The downloading process for hand-crafted skins continues to be the same.

Players can download the image on the Desktop and transfer it to mobile. To know how to change Minecraft skins on PE (mobile version), follow the procedure below:

Minecraft Skin Changing on Mobile:

  1. Open Minecraft PE on your phone.
  2. Go to “main menu” and then the coat hanger icon. It opens multiple tabs on the left.
  3. To select the default skin, choose one from “skin packs”.
  4. To choose a custom skin, click on the blank skin icon followed by a click on “Choose New Skin”.
  5. Your image gallery is opened. The players can search up their favorite skin file from downloaded files shown in “Recent items”.
  6. Choose your skin model from the two available options: a wider on the right and a slimmer on the left. 
  7. Click “confirm” to complete your skin customizing. Your game is ready to be played with new skinned characters.

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Minecraft Skin Changing on Consoles:

Similar to the pocket edition, the bedrock edition has narrower skin selection options. Skins cannot be personalized or downloaded from websites. Players can only choose skins from the official skin packs.

To change skins in Minecraft perform the upcoming procedure:

  1. Open Minecraft and select “Help and Options” from the main menu.
  2. Select “Change Skin” to witness a list of skins and packs available to be purchased or used.
  3. To choose the skin of your choice, press “X” on PS and “A” on Xbox.
  4. In case you have to purchase the skin, you will have to fill up the payment options in the console store.
  5. The skin applies to your character after a successful purchase.


So, this was the step-by-step guide on how to change Minecraft skins on PE. We hope that now you all will be able to play and enjoy the game more comfortably and more precisely.

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