How To Make End Crystals In Minecraft?

End crystals will appear in end and can be used as a weapon or regenerate the ender dragon in another area to defeat the ender dragon. Luckily you don’t have to kill the Ender Dragon to craft your crystals in Minecraft.

End crystals Minecraft are the floating cubes that you can find on giant obsidian pillars which restore the health of the ender dragon.

In Minecraft, you can create and use end crystals though it is not quite easy to make and use the end crystals. In this blog, we are giving an end crystal recipe to help you in crafting the end crystals in Minecraft. Plus you’ll get to know what is End crystal, the end crystal recipe, and how to use end crystals in Minecraft. 

Minecraft is a popular game full of secrets where players beat the final boss. At the end of the game, you have to fight with the Ender Dragon.

What are End Crystals?

Minecraft crystals(end crystals) are floating cubes that can be found on huge obsidian columns in the end and can be used to heal Minecraft’s final boss.

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How to Craft an End Crystal in Minecraft?

You’ll require the following material to craft an end crystal in Minecraft

  • 7 Glass Blocks
  • One Ghast Tear
  • One Eye of Ender

To make an End crystal in Minecraft all you need 7 glass blocks, one Ghast Tear, and one Eye of Ender. Get the glass by just smelting sone sand in the furnace, whereas Ghast Tear can be obtained by killing Ghasts in the Nether.

Now, you only need one Eye of ender to craft an end crystal in Minecraft. Eye of ender can be crafted by combining an Ender Pearl with some Blaze Powder. Ender pearl can be found at the end, the Nether & the overworld. You can also purchase the Ender pearl from expert-level Cleric villagers for 5 emeralds.

Ghasts will drop Ghast tears that also spawn in the Nether. Ghast are huge white mobs that float around with explosive fireballs. You can also find them in Nether Waste, a Soul Sand Valley, and Basalt Deltas.

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Where You Can Use End Crystal in Minecraft?

End crystal can be used for decorative purposes. For this place the End Crystals on obsidian or bedrock. As you can’t freely place bedrock, build an obsidian pedestal for placing the End crystal.

Plus you need 4 end crystals to respawn the Ender Dragon. In the middle of the Island, find the exit portal mode out of bedrock with four long sides. Placing one end crystal in the middle of each side will restore the Ender Dragon and respawn the end crystals on the pillars also.

Don’t remove any end crystal regardless of its location otherwise, it’ll cause an explosion. So be careful if you don’t want to use end crystal for decoration.


It’s fun to craft an end crystal in Minecraft and to ease your task we’ve given step-by-step guidance on how to craft and use an end crystal in Minecraft. Still, if you have any questions write in the comment box.

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