How to turn Narrator Off in Minecraft?

Turn off narrator in Minecraft on Xbox, PC, and Other Platforms.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an adventurous 3d sandbox video game, which is based on building blocks. You can get many blocks made up of various materials, which can be easily mined and broken down, and stored in inventory. You are allowed to turn these base materials into weapons to survive in this game. That means you can construct, create, and build anything with the blocks that you mine.

It is one of the most popular games across the globe. In fact, it is one of the biggest games right now having a huge number of selling worldwide. A kind of adventurous game where you can decide what adventure you want to take.

Minecraft players are very much familiar with the Narrator text in the chatbox, which enables automatically when the game is launched. The narrator is a voice box built for help, which actually narrates the things but at some point, it creates a distraction from the voice makes you wonder how to turn Narrator off in Minecraft? The narrator is designed for those game players who have visual impairments as an accessibility option.

If you are finding a way to get rid of the narrator’s voice then you are in the right place. It is annoying to continuously hear the narrator’s voice reading out chats when you actually do not require it. However, there are some options available to get rid of this voice, which are not at all complicated, you can easily disable the narrator in Minecraft.

How to turn off Narrator in Minecraft on PC?

If you are playing on pc, then it is very easy to disable the narrator, follow the given steps below:

  • 1: Press the window start key and simultaneously press the “ctrl” and “Enter” keys. i.e.  Press two keys at the same time
  • 2: An Indication will be shown on the screen
  • 3: Hold simultaneously “window + ctrl + enter” to disable the narrator in Minecraft
  • 4:  You will see the voice and sound settings; go-to voice and sound settings
  • 5: Now you can easily turn off the voice settings and that is it you have a disabled narrator in Minecraft!

How to turn Narrator off in Minecraft on Other Platforms?

If you are playing on any other platform, then you are more likely not to have a keyboard but do not worry we have the option to disable the narrator here also, follow the given steps below:

  • 1: Go to Settings Options of Your device
  • 2: On the left-hand side, in the top corner, you will get the “Accessibility Option”
  • 3: Click on the Accessibility tab
  • 4:  You will find the setting for accessibility options
  • 5: On the right side, you will find “UI Screen Reader” which is likely to be enabled
  • 6: Toggles to the off and that’s it you have disabled your narrator

How to turn Narrator off in Minecraft On the Xbox platform?

How to turn the Narrator off in Minecraft when you are playing on Xbox while playing on Xbox it is not sometimes easy to disable the narrator but doesn’t worry we have a simple option where you can disable the narrator permanently. Follow the given steps below:

  • 1: Click on Xbox Button, you will see a guide window
  • 2: You will see the setting “Option” in the Guide window, click on it
  • 3: Click on the “Accessibility” Option
  • 4: Now Click on the “Narrator” option and it will be permanently off 

Has Problem Turned off Narrator in Minecraft?

Still, your narrator is speaking. Make sure that sound effects and music volume sliders are down in the program you use for audio. Either open up Minecraft before turning off Narrator and follow up the instructions.

  • Go back to options
  • Open Music and sounds 
  • Set game volume all the way down 

Now you’ll not hear any narration in Minecraft and even you can turn on the narrator just by raising the volume bar.

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How to turn off Narrator in Minecraft Dungeons?

Here is the best solution to turn off Narrator in Minecraft. Just have a look at the instructions.

  • Select Menu and go to Settings.
  • You can see the accessibility option right at the top.
  • Select this option to open up the menu.
  • Now you can see Enable UI Screen reader.
  • Hit this option to turn off Narrator in Minecraft.

Accessibility Settings 

In Minecraft, Dungeons select the Accessibility Menu from the Main Menu either via Settings from in-game.  

Select Menu to access these settings available in the game.

Settings Function
Text To SpeechOn/Off
Enemy Outline ColorRed, Green, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Magenta, White, Purple, White, and Lavender
Chat Wheel TypeHold and Release Either Press and Select
Screen ShakeTurn On/Off Screen shake effect.

How to Enable or Disable menu UI narration?

Enable screen reader on your PC, it’ll automatically enable menu UI narration at the time of launching the game.

Enable or disable menu UI narration in the Accessibility Menu.

How to Navigate Menu

To navigate all menus use a controller (or keyboard on PC) in Minecraft Dungeons. 

Press the Escape key for the previous screen selection (as a shortcut) or close the current screen in Minecraft Dungeons edition on PC.

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