How to Unlock Streets of Rage 4 Secret Characters

Follow through the next steps to know how to unlock exciting retro characters.

Streets of Rage 4 has created mayhem with its character range. Every character in SoR4 has unique features and qualities. All the characters have a different set of attacks, statistics, fighting styles, and animations which are aesthetically pleasing in their way.

The characters are easy to get but very time-consuming. All you need to do for unlocking characters is to play the game and collect points, as many as you can. As you play, you unlock more rewards and step up your overall game.

Unlocking Characters of Streets of Rage 4

On opening Streets of Rage 4, you get a locked character slot on the selection screen. The first character Adam is easy to unlock. He can be owned after clearing stage 4 (in any mode) so you don’t have to do much for him.

The other character slots, however, are occupied by the most popular characters of the previous seasons of SoR. Their gameplay is similar to how it was in 16-bit days. They don’t possess any special Star moves like SoR characters yet they are pros at causing raw damage.

Every character is rewarded for crossing a specific overall score. The overall score is measured by a meter that fills up after you complete a stage. You need a total lifetime score of 1,150,000 points in case you want to unlock all gainable characters.

Characters And Their Unlock Conditions

Besides Adam, there are 12 other retro characters you can unlock. These include variants of Alex, Adam, and Blaze. As mentioned earlier, all you need to do is play and earn points. The faster you earn the required points, the quicker you can unlock your favorite characters.

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The points needed to unlock streets of rage 4 secret characters are given below:

  • Adam hunter – clear stage 4
  • SoR1 Axel – score 200,000 points
  • SoR1 Adam – score 250,000 points
  • SoR1 Blaze – score 310,000 points
  • SoR1 Max – score 390,000 points
  • SoR2 Axel – score 480,000 points
  • SoR2 Blaze – score 570,000 points
  • SoR2 Skate – score 650,000 points
  • SoR3 Axel – score 730,000 points
  • SoR3 Blaze – score 840,000 points
  • SoR3 Skate – score 940,000 points
  • SoR3 Dr. Zan – score 1,050,000 points
  • SoR3 Shiva – score 1,150,000 points
Streets of rage 4 Characters and their Unlock conditions

The above list shows just how clever SoR4 keeps the players hooked till the end. In addition to the characters mentioned before, a cameo character Roo makes an appearance in stage 6. The boxing kangaroo, Roo, is one of the most liked characters of all time.

Once you clear the entire story with retro characters, you get to unlock 3 achievements:- All clear: SoR1, All clear: SoR2, and All clear: SoR3. You can also unlock the very rare Bleeding Knuckles Trophy once upon reaching a lifetime score of 5,000,000.

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How to Score Better In SoR4?

Players can easily reach 200,000 points with a little practice but reaching 5,000,000 points feels like a difficult, tiring, and almost impossible task. Check out some quick tips mentioned below:

  1. Do not use any offered assistance on reaching a game over the screen because these extra lives create a negative multiplier on your overall score.
  2. Try to keep the damage as low as possible. You get bigger bonuses on picking up food, unhurt.
  3. Combos lead you to very impressive bonus points. If you want combo points, you will have to execute them smoothly in time to not lose your points.
  4. Use combos to gain combo trophies like Combo Pro (100 points), Combo Expert (500 points), and Combo Master (1000 points).
  5. Use your star moves only when you NEED to. Each stocked Star Move gives you 500 points at the end of a cleared level.
  6. Try to complete a stage as soon as you can sense it’s timed. Earlier completion of the stage gives you extra points.
  7. You can use the Y-button on your controller to use defensive special moves. It may cost your health but it saves you from risking points (if you plan on using combo).
  8. Replay stages with different characters since you get bonus points for clearing a stage with a character you haven’t used before. Replaying old stages with different characters is the easiest way to practice your skills and earn free points.

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The 16-bit characters of Streets of Rage 4 are a treat for the regular fanbase. What you need to ace character unlocking is practice and a good hold on the game. Get on board with Streets of Rage 4 for unlimited fun and thrilling characters.

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