How to use copper in Minecraft

Do you know about Minecraft copper uses? How to craft using copper? What you can craft from copper in Minecraft. Crafting is fun but it is more entertaining in Minecraft. You can craft Color blocks, Lightning rod, and Minecraft spyglass.

Copper gets oxidized too in Minecraft just as in real life. So to prevent copper from oxidation, you can use a honeycomb to wax it.

On this page, you’ll get to know about Minecraft copper uses. You’ll also get to know how to craft lightning rods and Minecraft spyglass.

What can you do with Minecraft copper ingots?

You’ll need copper ingots to craft an item in Minecraft. Craft the following items in Minecraft. 

Copper block: Use 9 Copper Ingots to craft a smooth, solid copper block.

Lightning Rod: Place 3 Copper Ingots on top of each other to craft the Lightning rod.

Spyglass: Place one Amethyst Shard on top of 2 Copper Ingots to get the Spyglass.

Building: You can craft a house or statue using copper blocks.

How to get Copper Ingots in Minecraft 

Once you get the copper from copper ore, smelt the raw copper to craft the Minecraft copper ingots. Smelting is a very easy process all you have to put the raw copper in the furnace and add some fuel also. Wait till copper Ingots are ready to craft. 

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How to craft a lightning rod in Minecraft?

Create builds using copper

In real life, copper is one of the most widely used metals, and in Minecraft, it is also used to craft many creative things. For instance, copper is used to make new creative builds such as factories to get oxidized copper.

In Minecraft copper is used to make semi-defensive objects. You can use copper to craft lightning rods. To craft lightning rods, place 3 ingots in a straight vertical line. Now place it on top of the house to protect it from lightning.

How to craft a Minecraft spyglass

Minecraft spyglass is a fantastic and stylish item in Minecraft. Focus on a specific location by looking through the glass. However, it lowers your walking speed when you are looking through the lens.


How to craft Minecraft Copper blocks

You’ll need 9 copper ingots to craft solid copper blocks. You can also use these blocks to craft other blocks including cut copper blocks, slabs, and stairs

How to make a building in Minecraft?

Use copper blocks to make a building in Minecraft. Put copper blocks into a stonecutter. Now use these blocks to make copper houses or statues. Plus the oxidation of the blocks makes the build more vibrant.

How to prevent copper from oxidation in Minecraft?

As we all know copper gets oxidized so to prevent the copper from oxidation you can wax it. Get the honeycomb and use it on the copper block. Either you can use an axe on a copper block to scrape it.

Where to find Minecraft copper?

In Minecraft copper is available in two variants.

The regular version is found in the stone whereas the second version is very rare and hard to find. This rare version can be found in deepslate, which is deeper underground. You need a pickaxe to mine the copper.


Now you know all the benefits of Minecraft copper use and how to craft building blocks, copper blocks, Minecraft spyglass, and Lightning Rod. Follow our page to know more about Minecraft builds.

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