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HumanKind Review: Build Your Own Ruler

The magnum opus of Amplitude Studios, Humankind is a historical strategy game where players rewrite the entire narrative of mankind’s journey to date while creating a civilization.

The map is beautiful, a never-ending joy to just scroll around and soak up the aroma. It is very alive when you zoom, showing people playing on the beach and animals running on grasslands.

The player starts by exploring the world as a nomadic gathering of food, essential resources, and fighting mammoth animals. As more travelers join in the journey, he/she can break up the squad and send individual units far and wide.

It is important to defend the established territory from attacks and keep building. The aim is to earn era stars to move to the next level. If you have played Civilization, then this game may seem very similar.

It is termed as the rightful competitor. Humankind is a title launched after a decade of hard work and it truly is incredible. Here I’m sharing the Humankind review.

The battle system has a nice pacing to it as multiple battle turns can take place within a single world turn.

Wars are full of interesting tactical considerations and things like terrain and line of sight play a major role in making each engagement thrilling.

humankind game review
Humankind Game map image source

This is the reason why it has won an award for being the best strategy game. As the player completes laying the foundation of the city, he/she is allowed to choose a culture.

Humankind offers a vast array of picks from Egyptians to Phoenicians. What sets it apart from Civilization is that the player can change culture as he/she progresses to a new era. Sometimes two cultures synergize in amusing ways.

While expanding the territory, the player will encounter other leaders bringing forth offers to form alliances, start trade routes, and maybe something absolutely bizarre.

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There are times when war is the only solution and it all depends on the number of units. Avoid using “Instant Resolution” as the luck of the rolls always seems to be fatal.

The narrator throughout the gameplay does a great job in bringing the whole experience together. He’s charming and funny.

Playing this game sitting on a comfortable gaming chair is both deeply relaxing and yet mentally stimulating. It requires you to think and plan but not constantly hit you with war and disaster.

This on-the-fly redefinition of the entire strategy, and the fact that it’s essential, rather than an option, is an act of genius. Victory in this 4X historical adventure is based on the fame score.

humankind gameplay
humankind gameplay image source

It is important to garner gold in this 4x video game but remember that influence can take a player farther than anything. Speed up production, advance technology, or trade goods with other cultures to engage with AI.

Note that the higher the level of the city, the better are the chances of creating new ties. Conquer lands and keep building.

Exchange favors as the amount of influence you can flex are key to the game’s diplomacy system. The only turn down is that the computer proves to be surprisingly pacifist.

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A player will feel the brunt only at the highest difficulty settings.

Overall, it is a magnificent effort to topple Civilization, this genre’s leader since time immemorial. It’s time to construct siege weapons to besiege and occupy cities. Don’t hesitate to call backup!

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