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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review – Not As Expected

The developers of Kena at Ember Lab started an animation studio which makes sense. I have played it, I’m gonna give you Kena: Bridge of Spirits review. Kena: Bridge of Spirits gameplay does not match the user’s expectations for various reasons like dull plotline and empty progression but this game is still excellent in the simple combat department.

Kena is a spirit guide who helps spirits who cannot move into the afterlife because of constant guilt or because of some unfinished business. In this Kena: bridge of spirits review, we are covering every aspect of the story.

The storyline follows as she makes her way through the alluring but dying land in search of the sacred mountain shrine guiding the troubled and lost spirits as she finds her own way along the way. The character design, facial expressions, and animation in the game are average.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review - Not As Expected
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Gameplay

In either way Kena: Bride of spirits comes as a throwback to the classic 3D game Zelda which has a vast world that is split up into major zones guiding you in a linear pattern. With each zone, you will have to collect X and Y amounts of items in order to fight a boss and upgrade yourself in order to explore the next zone.

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It’s very simple and easy to play but it works attractively. Each area is home to an evil spirit that Kena needs to save and as you analyze the surrounding you meet other characters who are very much close to the spirit.

When the release of Kena: bridge of spirits happened on PC and on PS. Kena: bridge of spirits Xbox was now hungry for an instant release of Kena: bridge of spirits Xbox version. 

On the combat side, it has got nothing at all. Though it is fast-paced, simple, and challenging at some moments given the level of difficulty its demeanor possesses. You have light attacks, heavy attacks, and the capability of using your bow into a ranged attack from beginning to the end comes in handy.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review - Not As Expected
Kena Bridge Of Spirits Review

You are not only going to fight baddies but it’s important because it keeps a good balance in the game on aspects like combat, puzzle-solving, platforming, and exploring are some of the strongest elements in the game.

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After completing a combat challenge you will solve a set of puzzle challenges to open up the next challenge or often it will be to command your small army to move objects in order to press the buttons down.

One ultimate point is boss battles which are really tough to play on. The Kena bridge of spirits review score is superb that you can actually play it. Boss fights are epic fights with superb background music. Some smaller bosses come with regular enemies that you have to fight against later.

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Kena: Bridge of spirits review will be very much beneficial to you when you play the game. It’s a beautiful world, with outstanding animation and art, and some great combat battles with a smooth balance of action, puzzle-solving, and exploration.

So all in all it is a great game that you can play and experience something good out of it. The game is elegant and simple to play with modern and unique sensibilities and a personal touch. Eventually, it’s a great nine hours adventure game to play.

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