From the latest Minecraft 1.19 wild update, many kinds of stuff came into existence in the game, Sculk bundle is one of them. Sculk is a group of blocks that adds movement and sounds to the game. In addition, it also unlocks different types of new Redstone for players. Sculk can be quite useful in building farms. 

But, it can only happen when you know about all varieties of sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.19. 

So let’s dive into it.


If you played Minecraft then you would know that players didn’t need any specific tools to mine sculk. But, there is a shortcut, if you use a hoe then you will mine more sculk than everyone. And lastly, you will need a silk touch enchantment to store the blocks after mining. 


Sculk Blocks

Whole sculk blocks and their types are present in the Deep Dark biome. They all are created there naturally. 


You will observe the blocks have glowing marks. But, the blocks will not be glowing. It will be a decorative block so with these symbols you can easily identify the sculks in Minecraft. 

Let’s move on to its types.


Sculk shrieker

Sculk shrieker is one-off from the bundle of sculks you got in Minecraft 1.19. Shrieker is a sound block. It means the shrieker produces sound when any player goes near it.  Shrieker is used to call for the warden when one is absent. The sound will last for 4.5 seconds. After that, it will stop and wait for other players. 

You can make use of a shrieker as stopping one of the shriekers. Which will help you to see a blue circle that will span 16 blocks. And when anyone enters this circle it will activate and warn you that anyone enters your area. 

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As we talk about the sculk shrieker which is created naturally in the deep dark. It can affect the players with its darkness, which is used to call the warden. When a sculk shrieker goes off, it will add one level of warning to call the warden. 

When the player reaches the level four warning then the warden will create and start hunting them.


The Minecraft sculk sensor is a very important thing you get in Minecraft 1.19. Sculk sensor is also a block that collects the vibration and releases the Redstone signals. It can collect the vibration within a 9 blocks radius. And almost any loud noise, including the wet wolf shaking, can set it off. 

And the only way to not set off it is by shooting it. When any vibration happens, you can see the signals travel everywhere in the blocks. The vibration made by the players will pass on to the other sculk sensor. They will also get a cooldown but in that time they can not activate. 

These sensors are not influenced by any other sculks or warden. You can use the wool as a tool to stop the sensors from sending vibrations to one another. And luckily you can run on the wools near a sculk sensor, which will not pick up any vibration. 

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Whenever the sculk sensor emits any high-level signal then understand it is closer to the red stones. Other than this you can also use the sculk sensor in many ways. 


As we know that sculk sensor gives a signal when it is placed near the Redstones. But the question is how to use sculk sensor in Minecraft. 

  • You can use the sculk sensor to create machines like an automatic door or a farm in Minecraft. 
  • If you have one of the best Minecraft servers you can also use it to create traps for other players. 
  • If you want to create a warden farm then use the sculk sensor to guide the warden of a particular area. 
  • Lastly, you can use the sculk sensor to create an automatic light in your Minecraft house.


The sculk catalyst has similar properties like a sculk sensor. The sculk catalyst is a block that produces more vibration when any mob (who drops XP) dies inside the 8-block radius nearby it. 

The sculk’s growth is totally dependent on you. This means that the sculk will grow according to what type of enemy you kill. The stronger & powerful enemy you killed, the sculk will grow more and more in that area. If a sculk catalyst is placed near the player who is dead then it will face the same effect which happened with a mob. 

But, if a player died having 0 XP then nothing will change to the sculk catalyst. But, spreading sculk everywhere without any reason will not help you in the game. 


After reading this block you’ll get to know about sculk catalyst. How to Mine Sculk blocks in Minecraft? Where are the sculk blocks present? How to use sculk sensor in Minecraft? Follow this page to get more information.

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