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Minit Game Review: 60-second Gameplay

Minit is an escapade game that has you playing in a one-minute large piece as the name suggests.

It has all-star cast support when it comes to expansion, music, art, and even publisher and the polish shows when it comes to the definite game.

Minit feels like an indie takes on old-school Legend of Zelda games with an exclusive mechanic that elevates the experience.

There are loads of great games that are predisposed by the Legend of Zelda games but it is for eternity great when the new mechanic is brought into the fray where the result feels more like a consistent new game than one borrowing from an older game.

As the name suggests, Minit is knowledgeable in bursts of a single minute of gameplay. As you discover, you will hit upon new items and new areas. The items linger in your record to help you make more progress in a new run.

This isn’t procedurally engendered but the one-minute time limit ensures you spend a lot of time rerunning it and investigating different areas with newly unlocked weapons.

Early on, you get a cursed sword that puts the “one minute to death” nuisance on you. You can use this to injure enemies and that rewards you with an item in a convinced location. This item lets you move certain objects which lets you reach more areas and unchain more items. That is the basic flow of the game.

You keep investigating and unlocking more items to reach more areas and have an idea of what is, in reality, going on and what you need to do in the game.

Minit 2
Minit game image source

There are various signposts sprinkled all over with hints and some great writing. Minit is a wholly neutral game. It has very easy character models and sprite work but it feels great in motion and seems very nice.

I have had a soft spot for visuals like this ever since I got enthusiastic about playing down well. My favorite part of the visuals is searching and finding an unforeseen area or one that looks astonishing.

The lighthouses you find right in the commencement with the specific NPC near it is great. with no getting into spoilers, some meet later on have excellent animations for encounters.

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I’ve written about Minit before when it was proclaimed for iOS and I will not stop praising the music. Yukio Kallio’s score is incredible. The sound design harmonizes it very well with subtle and nicely thought out sound effects.

I love how the music you hear will gradually change as you let loose more and have seen the sights more of the game. 

When it comes to controls, Minit is very easy to control. You have an analog button for association and one for using your sword or no matter which you unlock later that has a lively input.

minit game
Minit game image source

It plays more or less fine but it is a bit annoying to get used to the sword attack course while moving.

That aspect plays better on a controller. . Minit has MFi manager support but it isn’t put into practice well.

The on-screen buttons stay put visible when I connected my radiance and if I turned the on-screen button display off in the game settings, the organizer inputs were not getting documented.

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Hopefully, this is addressed in updates soon. My only real grievance with this port is the controller completion and one aspect of the touch screen controls.

Once you get used to the directional movement with attack direction, Minit will be a dream to play on iPhone.

One thing to note is the length will vary depending on how rapidly you understand the puzzles and how to develop them.

wait to have seen everything the game has to offer in about 3 hours. Minit is the best port with no in-app purchases.

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Minit is a game perfectly suited to mobile platforms and portables in general with its factual minute-long gameplay section. You can always get in a run or two while waiting for someone in a cafe or on the bus.

While I am dissatisfied with the lack of full controller support and how some aspects have not transitioned well to touch controls, Minit is still a must-play title.

It is such a dazzling concept that takes a gameplay style that works well but keeps things wonderful fresh at all times.

If you’ve not played Minit on any other platform yet, the iOS version is completely worth the asking price. Do yourself a favor and get the vinyl as well.

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