Most Played Games in 2022

Nowadays there are plenty of fantastic games in the gaming market. Are you also looking for the most amazing games in the world? In this blog, we’ve included a list of the top 10 free games played in 2022, the top 10 games you must download, and the best-selling games in 2022.

#Top 10 free games played in 2022

  1. Apex Legends Mobile
  2. Asphalt 9: Legends
  3. Alto’s Odyssey
  4. Call of Duty: Mobile
  5. EA Sports games
  6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  7. Genshin Impact
  8. Pokemon Go
  9. Brawl stars
  10. Critical Ops

#Top 10 Games You Must Download on Your Mobile

  1. Angry Birds 2
  2. AFK Arena
  3. Candy Crush Friends Saga
  4. Subway Surfers
  5. Snake VS Block
  6. Ballz
  7. Color Road!
  8. Geometry Dash
  9. Lily’s Garden.
  10. Draw Something

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# Top 10 games on Mobile

  1. Among Us
  2. Arena of valor
  3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  4. Crossy Road 
  5. Chrono Trigger
  6. Fortnite
  7. Dragalia Lost
  8. Final Fantasy VII
  9. Genshin Impact
  10. Subway Surfer

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Best Selling games

Globally Minecraft is the best-selling game with 238 million copies sold. While Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling game. Tetris holds the third position in the list of best-selling games. PUBG the most popular game hits the fourth position in this list. 

Best selling gamesNumber of copies sold
New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe / U / Luigi U20.3 Million 
Super Mario Odyssey21.9 Million
Borderlands 222 Million
Pokémon Sapphire / Ruby / Emerald22.5 Million
Pokémon Sword / Shield22.6 Million
COD: Modern Warfare 222.7 Million
Super Mario 6422.9 Million
Red Dead Redemption23 Million 
Mario Kart DS 23.6 Million
Nintendogs23.9 Million
Sonic: The Hedgehog23.9 Million
FIFA 1824 Million 
Kinect Adventures24 Million
Call of Duty Black Ops Two24.2 Million
Super Mario Bros.324.4 Million 
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum24.7 Million
GTA IV25 Million
Pokemon Sun & Moon & Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon25.2 Million
Super Smash Bros.Ultimate25.7 Million
Call Off Duty: Black Ops26.2 Million
COD: Modern Warfare 326.5 Million
Super Mario World26.6 Million
GTA: San Andreas 27.5 Million
Wii Play28 Million
Duck Hunt28.3 Million
Pokémon Silver, Gold, and Crystal29.4 Million
Diablo III and Reaper of Souls30 Million
Call Off Duty : Modern Warfare30 Million
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim30 Million
Human: Fall Flat30 Million
New Super Mario Bros.Wii30.3 Million
New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo DS30.8 Million
Wii Sports Resort33.1 Million
Mario Kart Wii 37.3 Miilion
Animal Crossing: New Horizons38.6 Million
The Witcher 340 Million
Pac-Man 42 Million
Nintendo Tetris43 Million
Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus43.8 Million
Red Dead Redemption 244 Million 
Terraria44.5 Million
Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe 53.7 Million 
Super Mario Bros 58 Million
PUBG75 Million 
Wii Sports82.9 Million 
EA Tetris 100 Million
GTA V165 Million 
Minecraft238 Million
Best Selling Games

Conclusion: Play and enjoy the best of the best game from our list. Tell us about your favorite games and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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