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Shadow Warrior 3 Review 

Shadow Warrior 3 is a 1st person shooter and the player will play as Lo Wang. Use a large arsenal of firearms to kill the enemies. Receive new weapons and gadgets as you progress in the game which will help you during the combat. However, most of the weapons and gadgets are meant to unlock in the middle of the game.

Release Date: 1st March 2022

Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Mode: Solo player

Combat and level design will draw your attention in Shadow Warrior 3. Every gun is amazing and does its job pretty well. Wang also has some upgrades such as an explosive barrel, passive health regen, and much more.   

Finisher moves are one of the best addition to the game. Finisher orb is a new consumable which is dropped by most of the demons. Every foe in the game has their body mutilated into a unique weapon.

You can push your enemies into wall spikes & off the map with Chi blast. Wang increases its mobility through wall-running along with dashing and double jumping. Use a grappling hook to drag explosive barrels across an arena & the latest new Gore Weapons.

There is a variety of enemies in the game like Hattori. Shogai keeps the execution meter, health, and ammo whereas Hattori has 4 arms & wields 3 blades. Stun your enemy with the Chi blast, don’t fire blindly it’ll lead to the wastage of the bullet

 The quality of the dialogue is rough but the cast is pretty good at its job. You’ll get used to Wang’s battle dialogue due to its repetitive delivery in the game.

The controls are exceptionally good in the game. You can smoothly switch between ranged and melee combat. all the movements like grappling, wall -running are fluid.

It‘ll take almost 5 hrs. on medium-difficulty. You can also opt for the Hard Mode which will allow you to hit the enemy harder in addition to completing the checklist of challenges for upgrade points.

Keep your eyes out for hidden upgrades that enhance Wang’s weapons and base attributes. But a good number of items are found on the critical path or can be earned as rewards for completing challenges. Unfortunately, you can’t revisit the past levels to collect the items which you may have missed.

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Shadow Warrior FAQ

Is Shadow Warrior 3 a good game?

Shadow Warrior 3 is really fun to play and faces a unique set of opponents during the gameplay.

How long to beat Shadow Warrior?

As a gamer, you‘ll need 35 hours to complete the game (looking at all aspects of the game). If you focus only on the main objectives all you need is twelve and a half hours.

How long to beat Shadow Warrior 3?

It’ll take 8- 10 hrs. to complete the game but from a gamer aspect, it’ll take 20 hours to complete the game. 

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