Streets Of Rage 4 Cheats And Secrets For PS4

An Ultimate guide of Streets Of Rage 4 cheat codes PS4.

Streets Of Rage 4 has lots of unlockable characters that come in the form of new and ultimate characters from the previous entries in the series. There is a total of 12 retro unlockable characters in Street of Rage 4 that also include the variants of Axel, Blaze, and Adam. In this article, you’ll find all the Streets of rage 4 cheats and secrets.

You need score points to unlock the character that you obtain by clearing the stages. Bonus points earned from each level added to a lifetime total, and at certain point milestones along the way, you start getting character unlocks.

You’ll get reward points for clearing a level that you’ve not used before. You’ll need to play the level, again and again, to earn enough points for the full roster, so you may use a different character each time to obtain more points.

Earn bonus points at the end of the level on the basis of how rapidly you beat it, how much health you have left, and also save your stars to get more bonus points. The faster you earn points faster you’ll unlock the characters.

After getting through the Streets of Rage 4 cheats and secret guide you’ll get to know how many points require to unlock the character and about the cheat code, hidden code, helpful glitch, exploit, and much more. The good thing is that the better you play the game the more bonus points you’ll earn.

Unlock Retro Level In Streets Of Rage 4 (Cheats and Secrets)

Jack’s Retro Level

At the initial level of stage 2, there’s a cop called Barney who will attack you with a taser. Finish him and don’t pick the taser to kill the mooks. Also, deal with other enemies in that area and make sure not to use the taser or risk losing it. You can see a lone arcade machine destroy it with a taser. Further, it’ll transport you into a portion of Streets of rage 2.

In the first retro level face the stage 1 boss Jack from Streets of Rage 2. Defeat him and make sure to destroy the small sign in the bottom right corner to earn your star move reward.

Streets of rage 2 Easter egg Level 2

The 2nd retro fight can be found at the 4th level, titled  Old Pier. Just before jumping down to the 2nd level, you can see an arcade behind you, on the right side it has an open door to access it. Make sure not to use the taser from the previous battle and then zap the hell out of the Bare Knuckle cabinet in the arcade to access the retro fight.

f rage 2 Easter egg Level 3 ABADEDE-unlock retro level

Streets of rage 2 Easter egg Level 3 ABADEDE

The 3rd slice of retro can be found in the 5th level, called Underground. You can’t miss the arcade cabinet which is in the 2nd section of the level in the biker car. One thing is very important here, the cabinet is in a fight zone. So it can be easily destroyed by a rushing goon.

The taser is hidden below the table just to the right of the cabinet, and will be revealed when that charging nutter, Caramel, headbutts it!

After zapping the cabinet you’ll be transported to the stage four boss of Street of Rage 2. Abadede the ultimate warrior look- alike. You know the drill at this point, take down the musclebound unit and grab your star move from one of the boxes.

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Streets of rage 2 Easter Egg Level 4 MR. X

Final and the 4th retro level can be found in the 8th stage, titled Art Gallery. Right before the boss battle, you can see the arcade cabinet in plain sight. Sharply observe the zapper behind the crates just in the front of the cabinet.

You’ll be transported to the final boss of Streets of Rage 2 after zapping an arcade cabinet. First deal with a few hired goons and then Shiva Mr.X’s right-hand man.

After finishing them off you have to deal with the main boss. Save your precious star and make sure your health is high as you have to face the toughest boss of the game.


Clear the mode arcade on the tough or more toughest100 Yen
As Adam clear all the levels in solo-player modeAll Clear: Adam
As Axel clear all the levels in solo-player modeAll Clear: Axel
As Blaze clear all the levels in solo-player modeAll Clear: Blaze
As cherry clear all levels in solo -player modeAll Clear: Cherry
As Floyd clear all levels in solo-player modeAll Clear: Floyd
Clear all levels in solo-player mode with a SOR1 character.All Clear: SOR1
Clear all levels in solo-player mode with a SOR2character.All Clear: SOR2
Clear all levels in solo-player mode with a SOR3 character.All Clear: SOR3
Complete a level on Mania difficultyAll Too Easy
Kill an enemy by using a chandelierAn elegant death
Grab the weapon in the airBirth of the cool
Reach a lifetime score of 5,000,000.Bleeding Knuckles
Spear breakingBroke my toy
kill 3 enemies at the same time by using a barrel or a grenade explosion.Collateral damage
Achieve an Amazing comboCombo Expert
Achieve an Out of this world comboCombo Master
Achieve a Super comboCombo Pro
Kill an enemy by using a wrecking ballDemolition Man
Beat the Shiva Dojo Master
Break the car in The StreetsDude, My Car
Consume a healing itemEating off the Ground
Pick the Golden chicken from the art gallery to the stock roomFamily Reunion
Break elevator and window panesIt’s Chilly in Here
From a grab free yourselfLife’s a Struggle
Get the S rank on all levels on difficulty or hard difficultyManiac
Meet AdamMiss Me?
Get all trophies My Work Here Is Done
Beat Mr. & Ms. YOld-Schooled
Hit an allyOops
Complete level without getting any damagePerfect
Beat possessed MaxSnap Out of it
Call the police with a street of Rage 1 characterSomebody call the cops
On any level get an S-RankStage Mastery
Kill foe by tossing them in a holeThis Is Wood Oak City
Discover a retro levelThrowback
Destroy all motorcyclesWalk on Foot
Break a wine bottleWasted Wine

Unlocking All Characters

Just play the game and earn Lifetime Points to unlock the characters.

Street of Rage 4: Unlocks

Lifetime points Character
Beat Level 4 in the storyAdam Hunter
Hit 250,000-lifetime pointsStreet of Rage 1 Adam Hunter
Collect 200,000 lifetime pointsStreet of Rage 1 Axel Stone
Get 310,000-lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 1 Blaze Fielding
Rack up 480,000-lifetime pointsStreet of Rage 2 Axel Stone
Get 570,000-lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 2 Blaze Fielding
Hit 390,000 lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 2 Max Thunder
Hit 650,000 lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 2 Skate Hunter
Collect 730,000 lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 3 Axel Stone
Hit 840,000-lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 3 Blaze Fielding
Rack up 1,050,000 lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 3 Dr. Gilbert Zan
Hit 1,150,000 lifetime pointsStreets of Rage 3 Shiva 
Get 940,000 lifetime pointsStreet of Rage 3 skate, Hunter
Streets Of Rage 4 Unlock Roo

Unlock Roo

Hold the attack button for a few seconds at the main menu. Keep on holding both attacks and upheld and then release them. You can see a Roo’s portrait appearing on the character select screen.

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Unlocks Roo: Hold Attack plus Up for a few seconds, release Attack and Up 

Know how to get Streets Of Rage 4 Unlimited Lives?

  • First, go to the main menu. Hold A+B+C+ RIGHT on controller 2 while selecting Options on controller 1 (best if done with two people). You can also select how many lives you start with and which stage to start on.
  • Press Left,Left,B,B,B,C,C,C, Start at the title screen for extra continues.


This guide has all the details about the Streets of Rage 4 Secrets and cheats. Play and tell us which character you enjoy the most. Stay in touch for more interesting updates.

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