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Streets Of Rage 4 Review: A Classic Retro Game Of Era

Street of Rage 4 is considered to be the classic best beat ’em up series of all time. There is plenty of achievements and health potion in this game. Grab all the health items to maintain your health. Plus there are star moves are also in the game, grab them also.

In this game, the player’s aim is to beat the enemy from the streets. I played this game with my friends as it is much more enjoyable in multiplayer mode. Well, you can play this game as a solo too. I recommend story mode while playing as a solo.

There is a total of 12 stages in the game. Each stage is pretty interesting in its own way and ends with a boss fight. In most of the levels, there is a good balance of difficulty and variety throughout.

Streets of Rage 4

  • Developer: Lizardcube 
  • Publisher: DotEmu 
  • Release Date: 30 April 2020
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS 4, Nintendo Switch

SoR 4 retro characters are truly amazing and perfectly fit into the combat. Each character is a bit different from the other. For example, Axel is a flaming uppercut while Cherry is a Pete Townshend-inspired guitar powerslide. 

Star moves are one of the strong weapons that do a lot more damage in SoR 4. At the beginning of each level, you have one charge, but you can collect some more during your travel. keep them reserved for bosses as you need them most when you have to face the boss.

Street of Rage  4 features 5 difficulty levels, supporting 4 players in local multiplayer and 2 players online. I am not pretty good at playing online but I love to play it on PC.

The music is given by world-class musicians with the iconic beat of the series. I must have to say SoR 4 music is better than the other popular game of this era.

Streets of Rage 4 Rating

Hand-drawn visuals are also amazing in SoR 4. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor. In Streets of Rage 4, you have to move right while punching every enemy who comes in your way. Though it is very simple but very satisfying. Steal your enemy weapons after knocking them down.

One thing I enjoy in this game is the catching of weapon back. When you throw the weapon at the enemy, if it hits the target, it’ll come back to you giving you a couple of seconds to catch it and keep using it to hit the enemies.

My favorite character is Cherry hunter in SoR 4. Instead of carrying a guitar on her back, she can move at a significant speed. Floyd is the slowest character but he is enough strong to face the enemy.

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Observe the fighting pattern of the enemy and boss. By learning the fighting pattern of the enemy and boss you can deal with them in a better way.

Nowadays there are a lot of modern games or remakes that attempt to feel retro. But SoR 4 is something different from another sequel that maintains the retro classic character. Yet it is a simple game but it‘ll be my all-time favorite retro game.

The most happening thing in SoR 4 is that the game is pretty simple in the beginning but later on the things make the game more interesting by constantly changing the things with new scenarios. For example, you’re imprisoned and have to break out. It means that you have to fight with guards and prisoners. 

Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying?

More than 2.5 million copies have been sold worldwide by April 2021. It clearly indicates that the game is really worth buying.

Is Streets of Rage 4 a good game?

Yes, SoR 4 is a good game to play. I played all the 12 stages of the game and I enjoy the game thoroughly. Face plenty of enemies throughout the game.

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Streets of Rage 4 Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Graphics: 5/5
  • Music: 5/5
  • Gameplay: 5/5
  • Story: 5/5
  • Characters: 5/5


In this blog, I have written a Street of Rage 4 Review. After reading this blog you’ll be able to know about the plus and minus points of the game. Stay in touch to know more about other trending games also.

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