‘System Shock’ Live Action Series will be available on TV

Nightdive studio’s best franchise System shock is getting a live-action series. You will be able to view System Shock’ Live-Action Series on streaming service Binge which is also coming up with another show on Driver.

More updates on the System Shock live-action series will be due. It tells the tale of a chilling Citadel Station and it is crook AI that focuses on a crew with unimaginable horror. The Binge service is set to launch next year.

However, Nightdive studios are remaking System Shock. This remake game was scheduled to arrive this summer, but now it’s delayed to the end of 2021.

System Shock Live-Action Series joins a long wish list of shows and movies that are already based on games like Twisted Metal, FireWatch, Disco Elysium, and thousands of Netflix projects such as the League of Legends series: Arcane.

System-Shock’ Live-Action Series on TV
System-Shock’ Live-Action Series

The original System Shock pushes players into a dystopian world whereas the major lead is the hacker who wakes up alone in a space on Citadel Station which is owned by the corporate outpost who is controlling AI- a sparkling computer core named SHODAN.

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What follows in the game is a tangled cyberpunk action shooting game that even comes with a fight into digital space to hit the AI in its home den. System shock has a huge fan base right from its start but it has achieved the status of “mythic” over the years.

It also got a direct sequel release that was announced in 2015 but it is still unreleased, it’s often credited with big games like BioShock and Deus Ex. There’s no early sighting on casting or premiere dates of the series but it will be the best action web series ever.

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Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick said that “System Shock live-action series would be a splendid platform to retell the tale of Citadel Station and its dangerous AI that focuses on the crew into unimaginable horrors.”

System-shock 2
System-shock 2

Citadel Station is building up the set for the original System Shock, which was earlier released in 1994. It is owned by the Tri-Optimum Corporation and is controlled by an AI named SHODAN.

It was developed by Looking Glass Studios however System Shock failed to make an impact but the critics acclaimed it very much and did enough good to release for a direct sequel.

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System Shock 2 the game which was developed by Ken Levine earlier, is a new irrational game that came out in 1999 and was a major success but failed to sail very well in the ocean of games.


Nightdive Studios gained the right to this series in 2015 and is currently working on the remake of the original one and it will be the extended version of System Shock 2.

System Shock 3 is also in the development process. System Shock is the runner-up game series announced by Binge. is ready to go live in 2022 with its best action web series i.e. System Shock live-action series. 

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