Techniques to find desert pyramid in Minecraft

A desert pyramid in Minecraft is a semi-rare structure made of sandstone. It is a rare structure because of its rare occurrence in the desert. Moreover, the desert pyramid protected the TNT trap. When the generation of the desert pyramid is above the canyon, then its foundation will be deep into the ground.

The structure of the desert pyramids is simple. The construction of the pyramid uses sandstones, which are chiseled and cut. There are four entrances in the desert pyramid Minecraft. The main entrance is on the ground floor, with one wide entrance on the top. Two other entrance is on the left and right side of the top pyramid.

The ceiling of the top of the pyramid is always above ground and accessible. Yet, there are chances of falling, which can cause damage.  The center of the pyramid is a 21×21 floor. It has a checkerboard pattern, made of terracotta and sandstone.

The blue terracotta is the center of the checkered pattern. Sandstone is the essential constructing material of the pyramids in the desert. Desert pyramids in Minecraft do come with secret rooms.

The secret room is under the terracotta and contains four compartments. The compartments are below the blue terracotta and the blocks are equipped with a stone pressure plate. Further, these pressure plates have a link to a 3×3 grid of TNT. 

The TNT placement ensures the pyramid’s protection from the mob. As the mob may loot the pyramid. As soon as the mob steps on the pressure plate the nine TNT blocks explode, destroying the chest and loot. Due to the lack of light inside the pyramid, the mob tends to trigger the TNT trap.

How rare are desert pyramids?

The generation of the desert pyramids in Minecraft is in the Overworld. They are found in the desert biome but are not common. All desert biomes do not have the desert pyramid.

In the desert pyramid, each chest has approx. 3% chance of getting an enchanted golden apple. But if the number of chests increases to four then each pyramid will have a 10% chance of an enchanted golden apple.

Why find a desert in Minecraft?

As desert pyramids are rare, so it is difficult to find them in Minecraft. They blend into their environment. Thus, Minecraft players need to have a keen eye when locating a desert pyramid.

The Minecraft players need to find the desert pyramid as it boosts their progression in the game. They provide the players an incentive to travel through wastelands. These are the deserts of Minecraft.

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How to find a desert in Minecraft?

The foremost step in finding a desert pyramid is to locate the desert biome

A desert biome is found by either riding to the coast by boat or proceeding to the hill to view the land below. Both ways are convenient and do not take long to find the desert.

Once the desert biome is located, the search for the desert pyramid comes. The desert pyramids are very difficult to find, due to their rare nature. Lucky players may have the chance to find many pyramids in the desert biome.  


Techniques to Find Desert Pyramid in Minecraft?

Desert pyramids can be an asset to the players in Minecraft but are difficult to spot.

Here, are some simple and quirky techniques to ace the skill of finding the desert pyramid in Minecraft.

Every Minecraft player aims to get the highest points in the desert biome. Getting high points helps the players to get more land. As the land increases the players can build the towers to accomplish the goal of finding the pyramid.

Once getting the high points, players can increase their distance and decrease their POV. This helps the player in getting more time to get to the desert land. achieving the goal of finding a pyramid.

The most effective technique of all is the use of the desert pyramid Minecraft seed. This technique helps the player find all the pyramids in their world. The desert pyramid Minecraft seed (1738801) helps in locating the coordinates of the nearest pyramids.


These simple techniques help players in finding the desert pyramid in Minecraft. The pyramids boost the progression of the players. Follow the page to get more information.

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