Which Are The Best Keyboards For Gaming 2022?

Here is the ultimate list of the best keyboards for gaming 2022.

Are you looking for the best keyboards for gaming 2022? We’re here to ease your task so that you can easily select the best keyboard for you and your loved ones.

Keyboard preferences vary from player to player. Some of the players would like to go for a membrane gaming keyboard while some players opt mechanical keyboard. The best gaming keyboard must be reliable, responsive, and undoubtedly plastered with RGB lighting.

If you are just a starter then a membrane gaming keyboard is a great option for you. They are less expensive compared to a mechanical keyboard, while still packing a lot of the RGB and extra macro features that you’d expect from the best gaming keyboards on the market. 

There are one of the best keyboards in the market, wireless keyboards,mid-range keyboards, and much more. Just explore our exclusive gaming keyboard list to have the best keyboards for gaming 2022.

1. Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

Best Gaming Keyboard For A Wonderful Experience

SizeFull Size
SwitchesRazer optical
KeycapsDouble-shot PBT
Media KeysDedicated keys, volume dial
Wrist RestDetachable, magnetic
USB PassthroughUSB 3.0
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+Comfy, bezel-less wrist rest

+Analog function

+Satisfying click


– Requires USB-A and USB-C connection

Experience Gaming like never before by using the best gaming keyboard. This keyboard is pretty similar to the feel of an analog stick. Press key harder to run your character faster.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog is designed in keeping mind racing games, flight sims, and FPS. It is designed to achieve its target via variable actuation points. So that you can use degrees of pressure to get different kinds of responses. 

It’s a big deal though it doesn’t sound like that. Most of the keyboards struggle with nuance when it comes to the in-game movement. For example, normally you need a hotkey when you change from run to walk. For the first time, the analog imbues the WASD keys with more accuracy which they’ve never had before. You can gently wander around the map and surprise your enemy by getting the drop on them.

Overall it is the nicest keyboard if your budget can stretch that far.

2. Corsair K100 RGB Optical

Corsair K100 RGB Optical-best gaming keyboard

The Stunning Gaming Keyboard

SwitchCorsair OPX
SizeFull size
Media ControlsDedicated
Wrist restDetachable
KeycapsPBT double-shot
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+Responsive optical switches

+All the RGB, all the time

+Premium build quality


-Lots of software

Here is the best of the best gaming keyboard though it’s hard to find a stunning keyboard for a pleasing gaming experience. It’s a big-size keyboard so you need a big space for nesting it properly. Feature-wise, the K100 RGB’s are superb. Keyboard has dedicated media control, a metal volume wheel, RGB lighting, and a USB pass-through.

The key response is outstanding, keys are placed beautifully for most hand sizes, a nice click sound to each press. That’s why the keyboard is in our second list as it fantastically nails the basics as well as including the extras.

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3. Mountain Everest Max

Mountain Everest Max

The best modular gaming keyboard

SwitchCherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, Silver
Size Full size or TKL
BacklightPer-key RGB
PassthroughUSB 3.2 Gen1
Media controlsDedicated unit
Wrist restMagnetic, plush
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+  Fully modular

+ Simple, elegant style

+ Great hardware


– Unsure about Base Camp software

Mountain Everest Max gaming keyboard is all in one. A Numpad is not required all the time but at the time of playing you’ll need a compact TKL board. This keyboard is all in one. At the time of gaming all, you need a compact TKL board to get the keyboard and mouse closer.

You can attach the Numpad module to any side of the base mechanical TKL board. Complete Everest Max kit comes with a media module with discrete controls, plush magnetic wrist rest, and an LCD screen that cost $270.

4. SteelSeries Apex 5

SteelSeries Apex 5

The Best Gaming Keyboard In Mid Range

TypeMechanical hybrid Connection: Wired
SizeFull Size
SwitchesHybrid blue
KeycapsDouble-shot ABS
Media keysDedicated keys, OLED display, Volume roller
Wrist restDetachable, Magnetic
USB passthroughNone
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+Soft matte keycaps

+Tactile and responsive

+Powerful software


OLED display is underused

Steel Series is a name known for making some of the best gaming keyboards however they are expensive. This is the downside point of Steel Series Apex 5. It offers everything which makes the pricey model great. You’re getting a slimline design and an OLED smart display and snappy actuation in an affordable price range. The mini screen is not so much used instead of that it’s a cool touch.

The smallest amount of pressure is required to activate its linear keys and your fingers will be flying across the deck once you’re used to its sensitivity. There is more for you! The matte keycaps are exclusively soft to the touch. It’s a pleasing experience and the build quality never feels sloppy despite the lower price tag.

Overall its a great keyboard and a superb value for money!

5. Razer Cynosa V2

Razer Cynosa V2

The best gaming keyboard in terms of budget

SwitchesRubber dome
KeycapsABS plastic
Media keysDedicated keys
Wrist restNone
USB passthroughNone


+Feels great to type on

+Quiet membrane keys



Some keys can sound ‘squeaky’

A perfect budget keyboard for a respectable performance at an affordable performance. Go for this keyboard if you don’t like the distracting typewriter clack of mechanical decks. It means that it’s an excellent option if you don’t like too much noise.

Smooth plastic keycaps are satisfying for typing. Cynosa V2’s is an impressive feat as the keyboard is available at a low cost. The small footprint means you can fit it in your desk easily whereas Macro settings allow you to program each key to add further value. RGB lighting adds a pop of color to its black shell.

6. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

The gaming keyboard with Extra Features

Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red
Size: Full size
Backlight: Red
Passthrough: USB
Media Controls: Dedicated
Wrist rest: Detachable
Keycaps: Pudding
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+Great feature set

+Comparitively affordable

+Excellent range of Cherry MX switches


No extra keycaps or wrist rest

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB comes in different variants Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red. It’s a quality gaming keyboard equipped with dedicated media control, a detachable wrist-rest, and full RGB backlighting. It also has an extra set of silver keycaps for WASD & the first four numerical keys.

Recently the latest Hyper X Alloy Elite 2 has now been launched featuring pudding keycaps, some good-looking pudding keycaps. It is damn pretty as hell, but you’ll not get the wrist rest.

7. Logitech G413 Carbon

Logitech G413 Carbon

Slim, Affordable, and Responsive

Keyboard backlightingYes
Programmable keysNo
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+Sophisticated, refined design

+Full-on mechanical switches


No dedicated media buttons

Slow USB 2.0 pass-through

Logitech G413 Carbon is an affordable and gorgeous, fully mechanical gaming keyboard. In the market it is the most inexpensive frameless option, beating out Roccat Suoara and HyperX Alloy FPS.

Though lack of dedicated media keys and slow USB 2.0 passthrough are the two downside points it is acceptable in the low price range. Compared to its rivals it is one the best low price keyboard. You can buy it for sub-$100. 

8. Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Stylish Wireless Gaming Keyboard

SwitchLogitech GL low profile
SizeFull size
BacklightRGB LED
Media ControlsDedicated
Wrist restNone
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+Lag-free wireless

+Great battery life

+Low-profile mechanical switches


Macro key placement is odd to some

If you love to buy a wireless gaming keyboard, then the Logitech G915 is a great choice. Though you need to spend a bit more for the wireless if compared to a wired mechanical keyboard with similar features. The cost of Logitech G915 is $250.

In the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard, a volume wheel and macro keys are in place on the left side of the keyboard. You can program it to see fit on a per-game or per-app basis within the Logitech G software.


In this article, we have prepared a list of the best keyboards for gaming 2022. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list and select a keyboard of your choice from our exclusive list. Have great fun while playing!

Best Gaming Keyboard FAQ

What size of keyboard do I need for gaming?

Some players find that the number pad covers too much space between the keys which they need to use with their left hand and the mouse. If you need a number pad then go for a full-size keyboard. In case the number pad is not that much important to you, a tenkeyless size is a good choice.

How do I know if my mechanical keyboard is worth buying?

If you are going to spend the full money on the keyboard that reduces fatigue while playing then it is worth buying. The mechanical keyboard gives an awesome feeling when you press the key.

What is the big deal with mechanical switches?

Well it’s a personal choice whether you want to go for mechanical switches versus membrane switches. However mechanical switches are objectively superior as they have more life span comparatively while membrane switches collapsed on themselves.

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