The Paralives 2022 flexible characters have given a tough race to Sims

Paralives is not released yet but is hyped as one of Sims’ competitors. because Paralives flexible characters and character customization, it’s in the eye of gamers. Paralives 2022 is still in the pre-alpha stage with no release date announced And some of its features like house building have been shown off by Paralives. A new feature was released last week, which was the “flexible character customization.”

Paralives 2022 is a life-simulation game that takes place in a world with employment opportunities and similar events. Players can build houses, create characters and control their lives in their own way. Paralives was created by an independent game developer Alex Massé. 

Paralives' flexible characters compared to Sims

After working on several projects like Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator and several demos for Project Tiny, Massé decided to quit his job and developed Paralives.

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The Paralives 2022 flexible character customization starts with a body slider and then slowly allows you to customize your body to look almost identical to your actual self. You can customize your beauty marks, tattoos, eyes, chin, legs, arms, facial expressions, chest, back and we can go on and on.

It is also possible to give yourself heterochromia(a disease that makes it so that one of your eye’s colors is different from the other). The art style is charming and Paralives, once released, will become Sims’ biggest competitor.

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