Tips And Tricks For FIFA 21 | Become A Legend!

FIFA is a name that is etched in the hearts of many gamers. A title that redefined the sporting genre of gaming.

It gave people the opportunity to feel the thrill and passion that their football stars experienced. The enthusiasm of cheering got conquered by the excitement of playing.

Today, millions of soccer fans worldwide love the fact that they can choose their favorite team and battle on the ground with their peers from the comfort of their gaming chairs.

It also has a career mode where they can be a newbie in a team and map their journey to become one of the best players ever.

With FIFA 2022 on the horizon and FIFA 2021 doing so well commercially, the future looks brilliant.

If you are a player who likes donning the controller and playing your wits out against your peers, this blog is for you. There are times when the finest strategies, accurate throughs, and powerful shooting does not seem to be working.

It almost feels like you are playing against a hacker who is doing better because he/she has control over the gameplay mechanics.

Calm down, this is impossible, a player cannot take over the settings, and AI commands but he/she may know much more about the gameplay than you.

If you keep losing to a certain individual, there are chances that your practice is being overshadowed by tricks. Here is a list of things you can do to improve and get your revenge. It’s time to “Boooo” the enemy!

Use Agile Dribbling And Creating Run

Creating Run
Creating Run

If you are hearing these terms for the first time then we are sorry to inform you that you are not a professional FIFA player. Agile Dribbling is a move one uses when the ball is in their possession and the player with it is around the defense line of the opponent.

As you move, hold R1, the player will keep the ball close to their body for tighter control and burst away with pace past a defender when the chance strikes giving you the ideal position to shoot.

Creative Run is a maneuver that enables you to control the movement of your teammates. Press L1/LB and direct the team in a certain direction using the right stick.

This helps in forming pressure and also passing the ball in space to move forward.

Master 3 Effective Shots To Score

Master 3 Effective Shots
Master 3 Effective Shots

A keeper can really switch off the mood when you have reached the box after a great run. To ensure that the ball breaches the defense of a goalkeeper, use more than one key while shooting.

When the player is on the far end of the box, press R1/RB + Circle/B to perform a finesse shot. This will powerfully curl the ball to the upper corner.

If you are one-on-one with the keeper and he is moving up towards you to block the ball, press L1/LB + Circle/B to perform the famous chip.

A cheeky chip is an ultimate dunk over the opponent. Lastly, when you are in the middle of the box and see an opening, press L1/LB + R1/RB + Circle/B to perform a drilled shot.

Here the ball stays close to the ground and travels rapidly with power. Ensure that the direction is away from the keeper or it will be saved.

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Keep An Eye On The Radar

The best players not only control action on the screen but also keep an eye for spaces off it. The small radar that shows the movement of the team is an essential resource to dominate on the field.

When in possession, keep an eye out for players that are marked and the ones that have space to run.

Long passes and precise throughs can make a huge difference, as the opponents are blindsided by the sudden opposing momentum.


An underrated skill that only a few gamers use while defending. As the opponent is moving forward with the ball, get a midfielder or defender near the player with possession.

Press LT/L2, this will make your player take a low center of gravity and sidestep the runner granting you the ball. This intercept may leave the rival frustrated, giving you the advantage to score fast.

Keep in mind that jockeying requires practice and should only be performed extremely near the ball or it may leave you exposed.

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Skill Moves

It is essential to have a few skill moves up your sleeve when playing against a worthy opponent. Some of the easiest tricks that you can practice are as follows.

  • Nutmeg: Hold both L1 + R1 or LB + RB, and flick the right stick at a 45° angle.
  • Roulette: Perform a 180° motion for either side with the right analog stick.
  • La Croqueta: Hold L1 or LB and slightly move your right stick to the left or right.
  • Elastico: Keep rotating the right stick in a clockwise motion. Note that only five-star players like C Ronaldo, Neymar, or Mbappé can perform this move.

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