Twitch Money Laundering: Turkish Police Arrested Forty People

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According to a report from DHA (Demiroren News Agency), published on Tuesday, Turkish police arrested forty people who were engaged in Twitch Money Laundering using Twitch’s bit currency. Suspects were arrested from 11 different regions. 

Last year in November Turkish hackers laundered ten million dollars by buying Twitch Bits with stolen credit cards & donating them to Twitch streamers. In turn, streamers keep 20% for themselves & 70-80% for themselves.

 Around 2400 streamers were involved in money laundering. The investigation is under the Turkish government’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Istanbul. During the raid, digital equipment & documents were seized by the police.

The scandal came to the limelight because of the leakage of massive Twitch data that revealed the top-earning streamers on the platform, including a number of Turkish streamers.

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As the scheme was exposed CNed a Streamer & Valorant pro admitted to taking part in the scheme in a Twitlonger post. He tweets that approx 4000 dollars was sent to his channel.

He said that a former friend recommended that he make some extra money. Viewers earn Bits by watching ads on his channel. And then they share a portion of Bits which is legal & above -board.

He wrote that later when he realized that the Bits were unnamed, he became suspicious and wanted to quit. But since he was on the rise at that time and the person who did it had a trump card [on me], even though he told the person many times that he didn’t want to continue, he was forced to do it.

Yet Turkish authorities have not named criminals arrested in the scandal. Though they informed some of the suspects were minors.

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