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Where To Find Dying Light 2 Inhibitors 

To learn fighting and running skills, one must have a high level of health and stamina. It is essential to gather Dying Light 2 Inhibitors to increase your health and stamina levels. The dying light 2 all inhibitor locations are some of the most important locations for any player who aims to become to become the strongest and quickest Pilgrim in post-apocalyptic history.

Inhibitors are spread all across Old Villedor & the Central Loop in green and white GRE containers, safes, and Airdrops. Other inhibitors are found at GRE Anomalies and inside GRE Quarantines. There are 126 Dying Light inhibitors to contend with. The skills tab in your menu will reveal how many of these legendary items you already own. Find the rest of them here!

A Guide On Dying Light 2 Inhibitors location

GRE containers are often used to conceal inhibitors. Your GRE Access Key will direct you to a nearby container if one is nearby (left corner of the screen, on the lower end). A message on the inhibitor container either detected or nearby will appear. The container’s location marker will appear on the screen if you’re less than 10 meters away.

The following places house inhibitor containers:

1.     Crates containing the inhibitors are concealed in a structure that is infested by the infected.

2.     Second, GRE anomalies: The inhibitor is situated near a Special Infected. The first step is to kill the creature.

3.     As a last resort, military airdrops may be made from the top of tall structures.

4.     As soon as you’ve powered up a metro station, they’ll show up.

5.     In other cases, they’re merely tucked away in plain sight within an unassuming structure, waiting to be found. Crates like this one are quite rare.

6.     Crates with Inhibitors are concealed in an Infected building.

7.     There is an Inhibitor right close to a unique Infected in the GRE. The first step is to kill the creature.

8.     Inconveniently, military airdrops are often made on top of tall structures.

9.     It’s common to see them at stations after they have been powered.

10.  Some of them are simply sitting in plain sight in an ordinary structure, waiting for someone to uncover them. Crates of this kind are the most difficult to come by.

Way to get your first Dying Light 2 Inhibitors here!

The first six Inhibitors may be obtained by completing the main questline. After an incident in the bazaar, you will get the first three from Hakon, and the second from the Markers of Plague quest. After then, it’s up to you to go out and find them.

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A Brief on Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Locations Map

To sum up, a whopping 126 Inhibitors are hidden throughout Dying Light 2. Scripted mission sequences reward you with six of them early in the game. It’s possible to find the remaining 120 items while playing the main tale, but it’s also possible to find them by going off the trodden route. Crates and safes are used to hide the vast majority of them.

Dying Light 2’s Inhibitor locations may all be located on the map above. A single marker has been applied to a collection of inhibitors that are located near one another.


The dying light 2 all inhibitor locations are the most known thing for all the players. These inhibitor locations will help you to unlock the immunity and become the pilgrim of the dying world 2.

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